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Rebecca from Leeds

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Rebecca is moving to Leeds to lead LYR's brand new Active Row Leeds programme, working with 20 schools in the least advantaged areas in the city. She has a passion to make sure rowing reaches those who do not have access to the sport to help inspire them and find the motivation to aim high and succeed. The Centurion Challenge is supporting Leeds Rowing Academy, offering a pathway to achieve more in the sport and ignite their ambition to achieve more.

Rebecca is hugely passionate about the power of sport in creating friendships and building communities. Having travelled around a lot as a young person she found rowing at university and met an amazing group of friends through the sport. She loves being able to introduce young people to the same community and this drives her motivation to help open the sport to new members. “I know wherever they go there will be a ready-made community and a team ready to help support, keep fit, have a laugh, compete or take part in a challenge. If you’re a rower, you have a team wherever you go, and I LOVE introducing more people to that team!”

In partnership with London Youth Rowing, Leeds University and GB World Class Start, Leeds Rowing Club are creating a Junior Academy to create opportunities and pathways to help young people in the area develop in the sport.

Leeds Rowing Club will begin by creating a city-wide programme engaging year 8 students from schools across Leeds, providing a pathway from LYR’s active row programme to further opportunities in the sport.

Funding raised from the Centurion Challenge will be used to lower barriers to entry into the sport and providing support for those selected on to the junior academy programme.


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